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    ESBD Board – Status: Thursday, March 18, 2020 – 8 p.m.

    Update history:

    Original article from March 12, 2020, approx. 10 pm.

    Update from March 13, 2020, 5 pm: Update of the information on esports events; Insertion of a graphic by the federal government.

    Update of March 18, 2020: revision of recommendations for events and events, update of travel advice, update on handling in teams and clubs, update of information for esport fans, information on economic aid packages, addition of multilingual information.

    The ESBD is concerned about current developments related to the so-called „corona virus“, i.e. the Sars-CoV-2 pandemic. Being a strong international sports movement, we peacefully and in many places bring hundreds and thousands of people together to celebrate the achievements of esports athletes from all over the world. This core element of our organization creates an obligation for all of us to deal responsibly with one another and to contribute to reducing the (Corona)infections. We have a special duty of care to protect high risk groups through our collective action, even if this entails severe restrictions in our area of activity.

    Concurrently, due to the strong online integration of gaming operations and the feasibility of digital communication in esports, the continuation of leagues, tournaments and regular training in the online area has so far been possible with only few restrictions. Together with streaming technologies, players, teams and fans can continue to participate in an active esports scene. The joint development of further offers and formats in the digital area now directly strengthens the cultural participation of players. Esports is an opportunity to bring society together even in an isolating situation and to convey human closeness through our digital channels.

    General Multi-Language FAQ

    Please get all general informations on the Coronavirus situation in multiple languages from the following government website:

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